The Chef

After attending the Art Institute of New York, Chef Alexia Grant journeyed through many culinary experiences before establishing herself as the premier chef she has become today. The naturalist lifestyle is one of the main reasons Alexia Grant chose culinary arts. Eat Me Up Cuisine is Chef Lex's way to share her love of preparing healthy meals as well as promote the lifestyle she deeply encourages. Chef Lex crafts phenomenal recipes while utilizing the Eat Me Up Cuisine mantra of "Keeping It Healthy". Eat Me Up Cuisine's endeavors are safe-guarded by Chef Lex's great business skills, palate for sensational collaborations and inviting personality.   

I am continually striving to create a personalized dining experience that is both comforting yet unexpected for my clients to enjoy with their guests. My constantly evolving cuisine is inspired by my native Caribbean and Indian roots and diverse culinary training. Eat me up Cuisine highlights the best of locally sourced, seasonal produce of New York and New Jersey with emphasis on bold flavors and finesse.

The full-service experience includes preparing, serving, and offering detailed explanations for each dish, as well as cleaning and ensuring that your kitchen looks exactly as it did when we arrived.

Your event can be as small as a romantic table of two to a 200 person bash.

Servicing New York Tri-State Area, New Jersey and the Hamptons.


Eat Me Up Cuisine fuses explosive (palate pleasing) meals with health conscious recipes blending taste and wellness into the perfect plate. Catering, Meal Plans, Private Chef Services & Event Planning are a few features that Eat Me Up Cuisine provide. Led by Chef Lex Grant, menus are designed to please guest's taste-buds as well as offer life changing results.

Private Events, Corporate Conferences, Receptions and even home visits are offered at the client's request and preference. Scheduled Tastings and On-line Conferences will take place to ensure that satisfaction is met. Eat Me Up Cuisine curates a healthy lifestyle and system for the everyday person to enjoy and afford.